Tetrafluoride heat exchanger formation and design When the metal or nonmetal can not be fit for the condition, using tetrafluoride heat exchanging to cool chemical medium is a good choice.
  Picture A, B, C are the forms of tetrafluoride heat exchanger.
  A:Using tetrafluoride heat exchanging pipe to cool or heat acid solution of storing tank.
  B:It is fit for liquid chemical medium heat exchanging and the medium pressure should be in the range of 0.1-0.2MPa.
  C:Better heat exchanging effect.
  Reference data:
  Heat exchanging coefficient80-100kcal/m2·h·℃
  Chemical medium:T≤180℃,P≤-0.09-0.2MPa
  Cooling water:P≤0.1-0.3MPa
  Conduction oil:T≤200℃,P≤0.1-0.2MPa

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