Our products are adopted by many domestic large-scale petroleum chemical, metallurgy and pharmacy enterprises, and exported into Japan and America, such as Daqing oil field, Jihua Group acrylonitrile project, Jianghan oil field, Shandong Binhua, Shandong Haili Chemical, Shandong Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Industry Company, Hubei Shalongda Agricultural Chemical Company, Shenzhen Biyadi Company, Zhongxin International (Shanghai) Chip Manufacture Co., Ltd., Kunming Furuilin Chemcial Company, Suzhou Fadeer Company, Ningxia Yinxing Polysilicon Company, Shandong Jiutai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Japan Baxing Joint-stock Corporation, Germany BASF Shanghai Research and Development Base, France Rhodia Company, , Nantong Cuxian Compeny, Nantong Jiangtian Chemical Company, Nantong Dalun Chemcial Company, etc.

We take advantage of our innovation capability and technical advantages to solve equipment and technology problems for our customers.
For example: In 2002, we provide outer cycle reaction equipment for Shandong Jiutai Company and helped them to fulfill 50000 ton dimethyl ether mid-pilot project.
In 2000, we helped Jianhang oil field Salt Chemical Heaquarter solve ion foil assembly line corrosion-proof problem and economize a great deal of foreign exchange.
Tetrafluoride kettle-bottom chlorine even distributing developed by ourselves is widely used in many areas.

Products and technical service range



Performance index

Steel tetrafluoride pipeline fittings

DN20 DN2000

T≤200℃ P=0.09-1.6MPa

Hot-rolling steel lining PE, PO, ETFE pipeline.


T≤65℃, 90℃, 150℃

Steel lining tetrafluoride reaction kettle and blender



Steel lining tetrafluoride reaction tower and tower internals

Production as design drawing


Hot-rolling steel lining PE, PO, ETFE reaction tower and internals

Production as design drawing

T≤65℃, 90℃, 150℃

Tetrafluoride hear exchanger

According to technology requirement manufacture, it is divided into heating, condensation and cooling types.


Tetrafluoride kettle-bottom chlorine even distributing

According to standard reaction kettle specification, we provide or design for customers.


Tetrafluoride filtration equipment

According to different conditions of site, choose proper equipments.

Filtration grain diameter≥0.05

Tetrafluoride filter centrifugal

To design and manufacture products according to technology conditions,filtration grain diameter>0.05


Outer kettle cycle dimethyl ether reaction equipment

design and produce arrording to productivity requirement


Steel lining tetrafluoride chlorine methane reaction kettle


Internal kettle equipped air even system

Sorts of tetrafluoride compensator

To design as positive pressure proof and negative pressure proof condition


Sorts of tetrafluoride mixer

Spray mixer, static mixer and stirring mixer


Waste acid concentration steaming, condensation and collection system

To design as productivity requirement, main material: steel lining tetrafluoride


Lining fluorine corrosion-proof valve

Ball valve, disconnecting valve, baiting valve, check valve, butterfly valve, etc.


New-style tetrafluoride stuffing

Surface area:

To resist sorts of medium corrosion, temperature-proof 180℃.

Wide tetrafluoride turning plate



Customizing sorts of nonstandard PTFE, F)FA, tetrafluoride fitting and vessel


According to technology pipeline drawing, we install steel lining PTFE, PE, PO, ETFE pipeline at the site.


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