Jiangsu Jinti Fluoroplastic Anticorrosive Technology Co., Ltd. released its technological achievements
PTFE lining technology with high temperature resistance of 200 degrees and vacuum resistance:

It can ensure that the PTFE lining can not happen drum and bear negative pressure for a long time at 200 °C. Used in the manufacture of high-temperature-resistant and negative-pressure-resistant steel-lined PTFE reactors, reaction towers, large diameter pipes, steel-lined PTFE heat exchangers, filters, reboilers, compensators, etc.

High temperature resistant, strong acid resistant, anti-wear steel lining PTFE mix:

ong-term resistance to 200 ° C high temperature, strong acid resistance (including aqua regia), especially suitable for use in high temperature, high pressure acid leaching equipment in precious metal hydrometallurgy.

Steel lined PTFE heat exchanger:

Using a steel-lined PTFE heat exchange fin tube manufacturing technology, it is designed into a new structure of heat exchanger with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, vacuum resistance and strong acid corrosion resistance. The heat exchange efficiency reaches 70% of the graphite heat exchanger. But it can not scale, the temperature reaches 250 °C, the single heat exchange area reaches 5~5000M 2. Thevolume is small, the maintenance is convenient, and the heat exchange components can be repaired or replaced on site.


These achievements, are developed by the chairman and senior engineer of our company: Mr. Pan Zhaojin, in the spirit of "developing PTFE anti-corrosion technology, revitalizing China's chemical industry", personally research and develop, led our company's research and development team to complete independently; these achievements will be able to improve the technical standards of various chemical processes and equipment designs, and then promote the further development of China's chemical technology.

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